Oriental Rose Cup Germany 2022

competitions on friday!

start 3 pm

Folklore, fusion & fantasy solo

Folklore, Fusion & Fantasy Group

Raks Queen Professional

raks princess Semi-professional

Raks Group

ladies competition 40+ Solo



Deadline for registration is 11th of september 2022!

we have limited places in all categories!


Length of performance: Solo maximum 3:30 minutes and Groups maximum 4:00 minutes


Competition Fee: raks queen & raks semi Solo 40 € per category- Group 50 € per category, folklore, fusion-fantasy and ladies competition 30 € per category

* payments are not refundable!


To participate in the competition, you must be registrant at the festival and book minimum of one workshop!

The contestants must be over 16 years old.

The number of participants is limited!


The registration for the competition will be in chronological order depending on the date of receiving the registration form.

The music to which the contestant will perform has to resent in mp3 or mp4 file by 12th of September 2022