Festival Gala

saturday 16th october 2021

show starts 8 pm

Price: 25 €

please order your meal also now:

menu 1 is verlan:

falafel with curry-vegetable rice

couscous salad, potato-salad, carot-salad & more different salads

Price/person 14,50 € for the buffet


Menu 2 is with meat:

Chicken with salsa, pasta, potato-gratin, fries

couscous salad, potato-salad, and all the salads of menu 1

price/person 17,90 € for the buffet


Wolfgang gusinde



winner of raks queen competition


Mona suha

light & sound & Film

andré schüly & friends

festival fotographer

andré elbing

helping hands

heidi, cathi, Xenia, Andrea