Festival Teachers




saturday 15:00 - 17:00

About Ranin:

Ranin found her passion for oriental dance in 2007 at the scarab palace dance studio.

since 2014 she has been a member of the show group shani, founded by enussah, with which she won 1st place in the classical oriental formation of the german championship in 2015.

Ranin herself was on several competitions and won the german championship classic oriental main group in 2018, along with many other competitions, and was awarded the halima award in the same year.

in 2016 she successfully completed the "step on" training by enussah and archieved the lecturer star. teaching and sharing the stage experience with her students is very important to her.

through her various lecturers, the many lessons and workshops over the last few years, Ranin has collected a large repertoire of movements and styles, which she also likes to present on stage.

Ranin has been designing her own choreographies for many years and often dances in self-made costumes. with the establishment of her own label "rain bellydance costume Design", she also offers her own creations for customers.

Ranin is also very active in social media area (mainly instagram) and shares her dance and costume life there every day. she was also part of the team of lecturers for the successful online workshop marathon "wow21 1.0-3.0" under the direction of Deanna.

she has a lot more plans for the future as a lecturer, dancer and costume designer.



street shaabi-workshop

saturday 10:00 - 12:00

About Mila:

Mila comes from belarus, where she discovered oriental dance for herself. in 2010 she came to germany and was looking for a dance studio that meets her expectations. in 2014 she found what she was looking for. she discovered the OF-Dance Academy under the direction of djamilia kotsch. she stayed there to this day. As first she was a student since 2018 she became a part of the teaching team of the academy.

mila loves to teach, because dancing is part of her soul. Continuous training trough regular participation in numerous international workshops made mila  a success. she has be honored several times for her hard word by becoming a prizewinner at numerous international competitions in oriental dance. one of the most significant competitions inter dance career took place in egypt, at one of the biggest festivals "Ahlan wa Shalan", where she won the first place.

as an artist, mila ist characterized by an expressive and graceful dance style, which enchants and inspires the audience.



veil dance workshop

saturday 12:30 - 14:30

about Manuela:

Manuela is a Swiss bellydance teacher, choreographer and performer with 17 years of dance experience and 8 years experience as a professional performer and teacher. her signature expression is elegant, radiant and classy, her props of choice are the veil and poi/voi, and her favourite styles are classical oriental and drum solo.

to develop her skills on stage and in the classroom, she completed the oriental dance pedagogy certification by Havva, the momo kadous certification, and learned from many more internationally renowned teachers like her most admired idols: Delanna and Lorena Galeano. Manuela strongly believes in the benefits of lifelong learning - there is always something new to discover! She will never stop developing herself further and passionately shares her acquired knowledge, creativity and positive energy as a dedicated teacher.

Dancing is better together, so Manuela enjoys to share the joy of dancing, not only with the audience as a captivating soloist but also in intense group projects. She is the director of her beloved and prize-winning BDQ ensemble, and had the honor to teach at Delanna's recent online marathons WOW21 for the german speaking bellydance community. Manuela is always up to share the stage with great artists such as the ensembles Zuhairah, Oriental Divas, Loreana Galeano's project ensembles and last but not least the stunning ensemble Laurie directed by Delanna.

Nadja kniss


modern tarab workshop

saturday 12:30 - 14:30

About nadja:

Nadja kniss started her professional careen in 2008 in russia. thanks to qualified educators she earned her first awards and made the decision to make oriental dance her profession of life.

in 2015 Nadja kniss moved to germany and started a new stage of her life. oriental dance gave her new opportunities which led to many great acquaintances and herself evolving to the better.

ever since nadja kniss won the following contests:

Oriental Festival europe & contest BD of the world, 360° Orient Oriental dance Artfestival, european golden cup in prague, oriental dance festival stuttgart global, lesley hop switzerland, oriental weekend bavaria, german championship, oriental rose festival.

By winning the oriental rose festival in 2020, Nadja kniss is able to participate not as a contestant but as a teacher & judge.

Nadja kniss is not only a professional dancer , she is also a experienced teacher with her own dancing studio. Her students and her ensemble "isumrud" prove themselves winners of diverse contests.



saturday 10 - 12 am

short bollywood choreo

About karanfilia:

Yoga Warm up for dancers

saturday 9:15 till 10 am no payment free class

Festival Manager

Mona Suha

for over 34 years internationally active dancer, choreographer and lecturer in oriental dances and folklore styles.

Music and dance were already omnipresent in Mona Suha's parental home. Her father a miraculous musican & dancer inspired and promoted her in earliest childhood. She went trough a varied education different dance directions.

she got her egyptian dance education by teachers like hassan afifi, Hoda ibrahim, tamer yehia aziz, farida fahmy, aladin el Kholy, dr. gamal Seif, Khaled Seif, Momo Kadous, Sahra Saeeda & Amoura. she studied many years with her beloved teacher and mentor nahema.

Mona Suha was dancing and teaching in Egypt, tunisia, turkey, Spain, Italy, Austria,The Caribbean and ...

enjoy her joyful nature and enthusiasm for dance & music.