Festival Teachers

julio farid wang


Julio Farid Wang - international master teacher from china!


WS Topics:


Ws 3 friday 3:30 - 5:30 Shaabi a la julio



WS 8 saturday 12:30 - 2:30 Majance Julio total




warda our guest star from bulgaria


WS Topics:


WS 1 friday 1 - 3 Shimmy technic, drum solo elements


WS 5 saturday 10 - 12 Oriental Choreo with veil






Workshop Topics:


WS 7 saturday  12:30 - 2:30 Dabke choreo


WS 10 sunday 10 - 12 -4 folklore styles, rhythm, steps & combos

helena russo





Workshop Topics:


WS 2 Friday 1 - 3 Iraqi technic & choreo


WS 13 sunday 12:30 - 2:30 Muwashahat choreo

Nikolas kazakos




WS topics:


WS 6 saturday 10 - 12 Roman havasi gipsy dance choreo


WS 12 sunday 12:30 - 2:30 Drum solo Choreo






WS topics:


WS 4 friday 3:30 - 5:30 Technic basics for lyrical dance


WS 11 Sunday 10 - 12 lyrical song choreo



Amina laforce


She is a professional bellydance performer, instructor,


ws topics:


WS 1 Saturday 3 till 6pm

Uyghur dance 

 info about culture, 1st steps & combinations,

beautiful arms & hands

Roberta cammisola





WS topic:


WS 14 sunday 3 - 5 Fanveil-choreo


Festival Managers


Powerfull dancer with passion and elegance. empathetic teacher and imaginative choreographer. she has sound knowledge in oriental dance and other dance styles.

she studied with various domestic and foreign dancers in her longstanding dance practice - starting with Bert balding, dietlinde bedauia karkutli, mahmoud reda, farida fahmi, momo kadous, mo geddawi, hoda ibrahim, magdy el leis, radio hassan, sharon kihara, jillina ...

she is teaching for almost 30 years and is a zumba instructor as well.

her repertoire includes classical and modern oriental dances, drum solos, folklore, fantasy dances with veils, isiswings, feather fan, poi and void! For over 25 years she organize shows with international stars.

Mona Suha

for over 30 years internationally active dancer, choreographer and lecturer in oriental dances and folklore styles.

Music and dance were already omnipresent in Mona Suha's parental home. Her father a miraculous musican & dancer inspired and promoted her in earliest childhood. She went trough a varied education different dance directions.

she got her egyptian dance education by teachers like hassan afifi, Hoda ibrahim, tamer yehia aziz, farida fahmy, aladin el Kholy, dr. gamal Seif, Khaled Seif, Momo Kadous, Sahra Saeeda & Amoura. she studied many years with her beloved teacher and mentor nahema.

Mona Suha was dancing and teaching in Egypt, tunisia, turkey, Spain, Italy, Austria,The Caribbean and ...

enjoy her joyful nature and enthusiasm for dance & music.

Festival Film and Photo Team

Vladimir Kluchenkov

Vladimir (Belarus-Poland) is a well known videographer specializing on filming bellydance and tribal performances with incredibly high quality videos.

The participants of the festival can order directly the dances from the shows, open-stage and competition!

André Elbing

andrè, born 1965 in cologne, became interested in oriental dance in 1989 when he started organizing and producing shows with his long time friend, shahrazad. 

in the last 27 years of his career he worked with the great stars of the oriental dance world, past and present. he has been published in several oriental dance magazines all over the world and hundreds of bellydance internet pages, CD's & DVD Covers, books and so on. His book "aesthetics and mysticism - danse oriental" will be available in the summer/fall of 2018. He specializes in photographing live performances, yet he has the ability to bring the harmony and magic of the performance into a studio photo session.

photos can be ordered directly at the festival!

He is also available for personal photo shooting at the festival weekend!